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people and tax payers of Western Province which is number one of
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The mission  of the  Provincial Department of Revenue is to collect taxes & other income, fulfill for the planned Economic Social and Political norms to upgrade the public life within the Western Province.  The entire staff is united to achieve the above mission


Implementations of Financial statute of the Western Province No. 06, of 1990, Western Province Mineral Tax Statute No 02 of 2012, Statute of transfer Stamp duty of Western Province  No.04 of 2010, Statute of Court fine of and transfer of fine to Local Authorities No. 04 of  1994, and collection and Supervision of Stamp duty revenue, Nation building Tax remittance by the Central Government.

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Key Activities


  • Collection of default Turnover  Tax
  • Charging Stamp duty on every instrument relating to a transfer of immovable property situated in the Western Province.
  • Giving opinion of Assessor as to determine Stamp duty on every Instrument relations to a transfer of immovable property & endorsement done by Assessor.
  • Collection of deficit Stamp duty and take action agenized properties which are valued under the market for Stamp duty purpose.



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