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I’m extremely happy that for been able to design a new Website with the objective of providing an effective service for people and tax payers of Western Province which is number one of the island and which collect the highest income


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The mission  of the  Provincial Department of Revenue is to collect taxes & other income, fulfill for the planned Economic Social and Political norms to upgrade the public life within the Western Province.  The entire staff is united to achieve the above mission


The empowerment of the Provincial Council of Western Province towards to achieve social and economic development

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Key Activities


  • To give stamp duty opinion on immovable property transfer.
  • Certifying the deeds that duly paid stamp duty..
  • Registration of pawn brokering businesses, Issuing of license and monitoring.
  • Issuing license and collecting taxes of prize competitions.
  • Collecting of taxes on turnover of mineral mining businesses.
  • Assign the local authorities – relevant stamp duty on transfer of immovable properties, court documents and court fines..
  • Collection of deficit Stamp duty and take action agenized properties which are valued under the market for Stamp duty purpose.



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