Responsibilities and Duties



Implementing No 06 of 1990 Statue of Money of Western Province, No 04 of 1994 Statue of Court Fines and Transferring fines, No 04 of 2010 Statue of transferring Stamp Duties, No 02 of 2012 Mineral Tax and collection and supervision of Nation Development Tax income which is collect by Central Government and stamp duties income





  1. Charging due turnover tax.
  2. Charging stamp duties when transferring real estate in Western Province
  3. When transferring properties, giving opinion of estimator about the sales value of that property and certifying deeds that stamp duties has been paid correctly.
  4. Charging extra stamp duties by checking the deed which valued in a lesser sales value
  5. Charging taxes for gifts competitions held in Western Province.
  6. Charging Mineral tax for digging minerals in Western Province
  7. Collecting drugs license income
  8. Collecting court fines charged by courts in Western Province and collecting stamp duties that should be paid for court documents
  9. Collection and supervision of Nation Development tax given by Central Government and stamp duties income


















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